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16.10.2013 Good machining!
USD supplies chain links made of case hardening steel for tool holders. So modern CNC machining centers can use complex fixtures. Furthermore set-up times may be reduced...
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12.09.2013 USD to win PM Qualification Award 2013
USD Formteiltechnik GmbH was awarded the international prize „PM Qualification Award“. This award underlines the distinguished service in quality assurance by inspecting,...
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12.08.2013 Let there be light!
USD Formteiltechnik supplies stainless steel turned parts of high precision for bulkhead luminaire and spotlights. Hence projects of extraordinary architecture are shown in...
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03.07.2013 Good Bus-Connection
USD supplies investment cast parts for articulated buses. The supports and plates are produced by the lost wax method, and undergo a 100% check for inner and/or outer...
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02.05.2013 Pretty movin'
USD supplies precision forged parts for industrial robots.

The universal joints provide - after being skilfully machined - perfect rotary transmission for robotic arms.
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08.04.2013 Successful Hannover Messe 2013
After 20 years in hall 3, USD Formteiltechnik first participated in Industry Supply in hall 5. This year's higlight was - besides investment and sand casting, forging,...
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06.03.2013 USD expands measuring facilities
The new video-based coordinate measuring analyzer allows faster measurement periods and higher precision - exactly the right analyzer to capture highly complex MIM parts...
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08.02.2013 Approval for valves and fittings
USD now offers (besides investment casting and forged parts) grey cast and nodular cast iron parts with special approvals AD 2000 W0 / TRD 100 and PED 97/23/EC (Annex I). Th...
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12.12.2012 Site extension
USD expands storage capacities to optimize logistics work flow. In time before first snow, large parts of the foundation work have already been completed. Solid...
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27.11.2012 Precise pictures
USD supplies precicion MIM (metal injection moulding) parts for professional cameras. These micro size parts are placed between mechanical and opto-electronical components and...
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CastForge 2018
It was the first time that the trade fair for castings and forgings...
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You will hear from us!
USD Formteiltechnik GmbH manufactures mirror-polished and machined...
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Hannover Messe, Hannover
Hall 4, Booth C18
Euroguss 2018, Nürnberg
Hall 7, Booth 161
CastForge, Stuttgart